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April 13
16:51 2015

By: Unical AG S.p.A, Italy

SUNBUSTER is a solar panel that does not require for a sophisticated installation, but that, with a simple and quick installation supplies instant warm water thanks to the integral accumulation reservoir, with a water content of 135 litres. It has an absorbing surface of about 1 m2 and can easily be installed on any surface thanks to the adjustable supporting frame supplied as standard.

• Reduced dimensions (1080x1080x900 mm)
•Double and strong dome in highly transparent methacrylate that favours the greenhouse effect, i.e. the inside reflection of the solar rays with consequent temperature increase;
• Tray in ABS, treated with a film of methacrylate and insulated with closed cells expanded PU, to avoid any heat losses;
• Accumulation tank, with a 135 litres water content, in glass lined carbon steel, of round form for a better resistance to the pressure, that eliminates the risk of breakage in case of freezing;
• Black selective paint, used on the dome to get the maximum energy’s absorption from the solar rays;
• Supporting frame of easy assembly, orientation and inclination. The form of the structure reduces sensitively the
sail effect;
• Optional auxiliary electric resistance of 1200 W that makes it able to satisfy, also in case of lack of solar radiation, the hot water needs;
• Simple installation, without using pumps or regulations particularly expensive. Its installation is easy and fast;
• The duration is guaranteed by the magnesium anode that protects it from stray currents. One safety and one non-return valve preserve the reservoir from possible overpressure, with consequent reduction of heat losses.


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