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May 22
10:08 2019

By:  Asad Yaqoob, Member Marketing and Communications, Team PNEC-NUST, Shell Eco-marathon

Team PNEC NUST has been one of the pioneer teams of Shell Eco Marathon Asia, with our vehicles featuring in the competition consistently since 2009. It has won the Communication Award twice while it has been the recipient of the Technical Innovation Award once in its rich history, which consists of many other accolades, acknowledgements and contributions.

Our mission is not only to design and fabricate eco-friendly, fuel-efficient vehicles but also to spread the message of environmental sustainability far and wide. We achieve this through innovative communication campaigns organized and executed throughout the year. For our efforts off the racing track we have successfully established ourselves as one of the most popular teams in the competition.

The team travelled to Singapore on the 3rd of March to participate in the competition and experienced a successful first day by becoming the first team from Pakistan to clear the technical inspection in the Prototype category. “Rebolt”, our Urban vehicle was also given the honor of being Pakistan’s official flag-bearers for the event.

“Gallant”, our Prototype vehicle successfully made it to the tracks where it recorded a personal best 103 km/kWh mileage. It came 12th overall amongst prototypes from a total of 120 teams present at the competition.

The team also finished second in the Technical Innovation Award category with its energy preservation mechanism attracting praise and recognition from the event judges. Furthermore, the team performed admirably in its Communication Campaign and was awarded first position for the third individual communication challenge, being a mainstay in the top 5 of all three communication challenges.

The Team, this year, has focused on establishing direct impact of its communication campaign under the hood of Caravan. Through Caravan we provided a platform for individuals and organizations to carry out eco-friendly activities of their own or to participate in our campaigns, either by supporting us or directly taking part. Under the hood of Caravan, we conducted several campaigns including Adopt A Tree and Imagine Pakistan, both campaigns having particular target audiences and objectives.  Through Adopt A Tree, the Team managed to create an online trend to encourage people to not only plant but also to cherish and sustain trees. Imagine Pakistan, on the other hand, was a competition designed to bring out students’ creativity and imagination and was an instant success, with the Team receiving, in all, 1500 submissions from 20 institutions throughout the country.

As far as our Technical progress is concerned, Team PNEC NUST redesigned and re-engineered its Urban vehicle and also introduced further innovative concepts such as piezo-electric belt fitted around the vehicle’s tyres to convert pressure variations into electrical power during motion. Further modifications were also made to the prototype design to enhance its Technical aspects and the team has set its sight for a first ever top 5 finish in terms of recorded mileage figures alongside bagging yet another Technical Innovation Award.

The Team wishes to continue its eco-friendly message in the future with bigger and better things planned, both in the Technical and Communication aspects with improved vehicle designs and more impactful campaigns targeted. Our primary aim lies in representing and achieving milestones for the country on an international platform as well as spreading the message of sustainability specifically amongst the youth of today. The Team will compete in the upcoming Shell Eco Marathon in April 2019 and look forward to winning further honours for the country.

For more information please contact:

Asad Yaqoob

Member Marketing and Communications

Team PNEC-NUST, Shell Eco-marathon

Mobile: +92-342-2996611


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