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October 01
16:16 2018


By Dr. Javaid Ahsan Bhatti, President PVS

Pakistan Vacuum Society (PVS), in compliance to Prof. Dr. Anouk Galtayries, IUVSTA President-Elect announcement to national vacuum societies to celebrate 2018 as the 60th year of IUVSTA with national events to promote the IUVSTA cause to their respective countries, PVS decided to start the celebrations with a national course on the topic: “Innovations in Industrial Vacuum Systems (IIVS)” from April 17-19, 2018, at Islamabad Hotel, Islamabad. This event was designed to provide young entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians and students an opportunity to interact with eminent experts and specialists working in the field of vacuum science and technology to explore the latest trends of vacuum technology and its modern applications. It also helped the participants to develop expertise in the applied areas of vacuum technology. Experts delivered lectures on fundamentals of vacuum science and technology, vacuum generation techniques, vacuum measurements, gauge calibrations, vacuum system design and fabrication, leak detection and rectification techniques, vacuum sputtering systems, vacuum furnaces, electron microscopy, semi-conductor industry, Bio-interfaces, Nano-technology, lasers, thin films coatings, nano-technology, vacuum insulation and renewable energy technologies.

The main objective of the course was to provide knowledge about the vacuum science & technology and its applications in the modern and applied fields of research and industrial scale production: To cope with the latest trends and the future role of the vacuum technology in the research and industrial applications; To realize the barriers for the adaptation and promotion of vacuum science and technology; to resolve the practical problems related to this technology and to enhance collaborative research and development activities among the various industries, research organizations and  universities of the country. The course was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor, Engineer Imran Rehman. He remarked that vacuum technology has played a dramatic role not only in the improvement of the quality of general consumer items but also has provided new dimensions to the industrial processes for innovative products. Dr. Javaid Ahsan Bhatti, President of Pakistan Vacuum Society, introduced the IUVSTA and its programs, highlighting the celebration of IUVSTA60, to the audience. Over sixty participants from various universities, research institutions and industries took part in the training program. Majority of students and industrial technicians joined the course from cities, like Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Peshawar as well as Islamabad, etc. PVS provided financial support in registration fee, travel and stay to deserving participants from PVS own funds. Over 20 experts from industry and universities delivered lectures on various topics of vacuum science and technology. Practical demonstrations and hands on training was also a part of the training program. Participants of the course freely discussed their specific industrial problems with the experts to get their solutions. An exhibition of vacuum technology equipment by private firms was also organized in the hotel during the event. At the end course certificates and souvenirs were awarded to the course attendees.


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