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EH JAN 2015 – DR. IJAZ HUSSAIN KHAN (LATE) (06 July 1933 – 03 January 2015)

EH JAN 2015 – DR. IJAZ HUSSAIN KHAN (LATE) (06 July 1933 – 03 January 2015)

EH JAN 2015 – DR. IJAZ HUSSAIN KHAN (LATE) (06 July 1933 – 03 January 2015)
February 13
16:56 2015

output IDZTA6 EH JAN 2015   DR. IJAZ HUSSAIN KHAN (LATE) (06 July 1933 – 03 January 2015)

Ijaz 0002 244x300 EH JAN 2015   DR. IJAZ HUSSAIN KHAN (LATE) (06 July 1933 – 03 January 2015)Being an inspiration we need devotion and one of such devoted soul was Prof. Dr. Ijaz Hussain Khan (Late) who will inspire generations for many decades. Being a pioneer of Metallurgy and Material Science in Pakistan Dr. Ijaz Hussain Khan not only opened the ways of modern studies but also walked along its glory till his real end.

Prof. Dr. Ijaz Hussain Khan started his professional career in 1955 as a Lecturer in Fuel Technology at the Institute of Chemical Technology, PU, Lahore. Meanwhile he obtained the degree of M.S.c Pure Chemistry awarded “University Gold Metal” and “Abdul Haq Gold Medal” upon distinction.In 1958, he obtained the degree of M.Sc Chemical Technology from PU, Lahore. In 1963, he went to UK Imperial College of Science and Technology and got D.I.C in Physical Metallurgy and PhD in Physical Metallurgy. The whole program was granted by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) on the basis of his academic excellence, entitled “Star Textile Mills scholarship”. He completed his doctorate in 1966 and returned to the home land where he resumed being teacher and was appointed as Associate Professor in 1968 at Punjab University, Lahore. Dr. Khan was promoted to Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science in 1975. Due to his services and excellence he was appointed as the Director of Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (ICE&T) for two tenures from 1977 to 1978 and 1981 to 1993. He was retired in 1993 and since then he remained as visiting Professor, Research Advisor and Qarshi Research fellow, at ICE&T till his death.

He was the author of more than 90 research papers, technical reports and four books. He was renowned author and co-author of many academic text books. One of his greatest contributions is the text book “Corrosion Technology-Volume I” which was awarded National Award.  Prof Khan has organized many national and international courses on Corrosion and Material Science for professionals in industry, research and universities. He established Corrosion Advice Bureau at the Institute and worked as advisor. He assisted technically the national industry and has liaison with Packages Ltd., Rustam and Sohrab Bicycle Factory, Milk Pak. Ltd. Ravi Rayon Ltd., PAEC, WAPDA (Thermal Power). OGDC, MIRDC, Pak Saudi Fertilizer Ltd. Dazvood Hercules Chemicals Ltd., Ghee Corporation of Pakistan, Pakistan Refinery Ltd., Engro Chemicals Ltd., SNGPL at different times. In the field of Corrosion Engineering and Materials Engineering, Prof. Khan has made outstanding efforts for sponsored research and developed the concept of Professor as Consultant and Advisor. Prof. Khan was responsible for creations of an endowment fund “Dr. Kh. Salahuddin Section of the Library” and “Publication Fund” at the institute.

Prof. Khan has made valuable contributions in the spread of knowledge through continued educational programs since 1979 in the field of Corrosion Engineering and Material Engineering. He established Corrosion Bureau at the ICE&T and worked as a research advisor. Besides his academic services in university he also provided his services in other many technical fields. He was elected as a member of National Associate of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), Pakistan Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE), Pakistan Institute of Metallurgy Engineers(PIMME), Institution of Engineers Pakistan(IEP) and Society of Corrosion Engineers Pakistan (SOCEP)  made valuable contributions for these bodies and  been awarded shields/medals for his contributions and lifelong dedication to the profession. He also served as a chief editor of “The Pakistan Metallurgist”, editor of “The Engineer” and later he was chief editor of “PIChE” journal and honorary editor of the “Monthly Engineering Horizons”.

His life long association with the university and profession has unable him to guide and supervise research at graduate and post graduate levels in various fields. He trained excellent minds of nations who have served and being serving many departments at national and international levels. He always encourage his students and colleagues by saying that “It is better to wear out then to rust out”. In the last, Prof. Dr. Ijaz Hussain Khan was a great man worked for the betterment of human being.



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