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September 14
15:32 2017

E.W. Gohl GmbH manufactures cooling towers with an exceptionally long life cycle and low maintenance requirements. The coating process developed by E.W. Gohl GmbH 40 years ago using whirl sintering complies with the highest corrosion class C5-M according to DIN 55633 and DIN EN ISO 12944. Series production with a high level of vertical integration at our site in Singen guarantees a constantly high quality “Made in Germany”.

A comprehensive range of product series and customised modular products guarantee the perfect system solution both in air-conditioning systems for buildings as well as for industrial use. As we produce in a modular type of construction, we are in a position to adapt our cooling tower technology to individual customer requirements. More than 50,000 cooling tower cells delivered to over 45 countries are clear evidence for the fact that we meet our customers’ expectations.

As one of the leading experts in the field, at the same time Gohl always keeps an eye on current market requirements. Continuous development and product improvement processes results in innovative new products and cooling technologies like the DTC ecoTec, Equipped with EC-Technology and a optimised performance we have made very low noise and up to 30% energy saving possible for low temperatures.

E.W. Gohl GmbH customers include, for example, the automotive industry, financial institutions, data centres, energy suppliers, public facilities such as airports, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, as well as heavy industry.


Guaranteed Quality by Eurovent and CTI Certification

The new wet cooling tower system is based on the lat­est calculation methods of thermodynamic performance design. Energy intake and cooling performance of DTC ecoTec have been confirmed by the European certifica­tion organization by means of independent tests on test stands and thermodynamic calculations.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

  • Perfect interaction between air velocity,
  • air volume flow and spraying system
  • Aerodynamically integrated EC ventilator system (IE4 power efficiency classification)
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Lower power consumption of the pump due to the optimised spraying system

The optimal interaction of the first-class system compo­nents ensures permanently low operational costs.

 Hygiene Concept According to VDI 2047 Sheet 2

  • High-quality materials, which do not metabolize or form biological growth
  • The enclosed construction minimizes light penetration
  • Inclination of base tray, so that water can flow off quickly and in a controlled manner
  • Corrosion-resistant through whirl sintering and a ventilator system outside the wet air flow
  • Micro-organisms can multiply less due to the lack of a nutrient medium.

Maintenance Made Easy

  • “Walk-Inn” System
  • Maintenance-free EC ventilators
  • Reduction of components

Maintenance costs are minimized through reduction of the parts to be inspected and simplification of access to the internal system components.

Delivered as a “Plug and Play” System

  • Reduced expenditure for installation and initial operation
  • Saving of peripheral parts for the structures (FU, control components)

Transport with Standard Truck

  • No excess width with delivery in two completely
  • assembled units



For more than 55 years GOHL, Germany has been specialized in the development and manufacture of innovative cooling tower technologies. Thanks to our technological competence, many years of experience and the largest European product range we are always in a position to of for our customer’s appropriate solutions in premium quality for their individual requirements.  As one of the leading experts for cooling GOHL have supplied more than 65.000 cooling towers to approx. 100 countries for a wide range of applications in HVAC and Industrial Process Cooling.

Health & Hygiene

Our technological system solutions are conceived and constructed in such a way that they meet the high legal guidelines and requirements of Securing hygienically sound operation of evaporative cooling systems. We have had our cooling towers tested and certified for hygiene and create the best prerequisites for hygienically safe operation through innovative construction and competence. From consulting to maintenance, at E.W. Gohl GmbH a well-trained, qualified team of employees are by your side.

Energy Efficiency & Long Life

Careful, environmentally friendly handling of all resources and energy sources is a cornerstone of our entrepreneurial philosophy and plays a central role in the development of new technologies. In order to guarantee such an optimal CO2 footprint with a long life, we have made energy saving of up to 30% possible with our latest development of the new DTC ecoTec cooling tower!

Low operating costs & cost effectiveness

Apart from the level of performance, the cost effectiveness

of cooling tower technology is an important factor in the investment decision. Low operating costs and an extremely low level of maintenance are the decisive parameters. In order to make the decision easier for you, we place a tool at your disposal on our Home page, free of charge, with which you can calculate the cost effectiveness exactly.

Cooling Towers – Open Circuit

In general, a cooling tower operates on the principle of letting the heated working fluid trickle over filling material and come into contact with air, whereby it is cooled, depending on the air temperature and moisture content.
Cooling is achieved by evaporating water in the cooling tower, and to a lesser extent, by the absorption of sensible heat from the colder air.

Cooling Tower DTC EcoTec


  • Eurovent / cti certified
  • 30% energy saving
  • Very low sound level
  • Sustainably low operating costs
  • Maintenance-free ec fans
  • Spacious access for maintenance and care, walk-in system

Best hygiene conditions in accordance with vdi 2047 sheet 2


We have fundamentally redesigned the cooling tower as a complete system and perfected the interplay of the individual components.

The result: Maximal energy efficiency with low current consumption and high system efficiency. Optimised cooling capacity and an aerodynamically integrated fan system with low air speeds ensure 30% energy saving. The use of new water distribution systems with a low water pressure has the effect that fewer clouds of vapour are formed. Through the slope of the bottom tray, the water can flow away quickly and in a controlled manner. Micro-organisms can multiply less owing to the lack of a nutrient medium. The design makes servicing and care simpler and guarantees the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the wet system and the fan. The uncomplicated access through the maintenance hatch and passageway, as well as the maintenance-free fans reduce expenditure considerably

DT Cooling Tower

The DT cooling tower is used where chillers require large quantities of water. In industry the cooling water from air compressors, diesel engines and generators can be recooled and recirculated. The use of a cooling tower for recooling water is based on the high evaporation temperature of water. By using a heat exchanger, up to 98% of water can be saved.


  • No high demand on the quality of the cooling water
  • Initial costs more important than maintenance costs
  • Low cooling water temperatures (approx. 5k above wet-bulb temperature)
  • Areas of use:
  • In the open
  • On top floors
  • In high rooms

Your Benefit:

  • Uncomplicated system
  • Small dimensions / space-saving design
  • Low noise level
  • Low weight
  • Low consumption of electricity


  • Very favourable initial costs
  • Simple installation
  • Extensive range of accessories

SK Side-stream Cooling Tower


  • No high demands on the quality of the cooling water
  • Initial costs more important than maintenance costs
  • Low cooling water temperatures (approx. 5k above wet-bulb temperature)
  • Horizontal exhaust

Areas of use:

  • Mezzanines
  • Cellars
  • Low rooms
  • In the open

Your Benefit:

  • Uncomplicated system
  • Small dimensions/ space-saving design
  • Low noise level
  • Low weight
  • Low consumption of electricity
  • Very favourable initial costs
  • Simple installation
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Exhaust integrated in unit
  • No fouling through debris from above

Cooling Towers – Closed Circuit

In a closed water circuit there are no losses in the primary circuit, with clean water circulating at all times.

Re cooling of the water in the primary circuit is achieved by cooling the outer surfaces of the coil system with water from the secondary circuit.

The secondary water is cooled by evaporation. In a counter flow design, fresh air is blown in from below, mixes with the secondary water, is heated and saturated by contact with the secondary water, and then expelled upwards. The atomized water from the secondary circuit is collected in a basin and re-used for spraying.

 Hybrid Coolers

Hybrid cooling is a combination of wet and dry cooling which results in environment-friendly heat dissipation into the surrounding air. It combines the benefits of wet and dry cooling without the disadvantages.

In hybrid cooling, cooling is achieved by evaporation at high ambient temperatures, by convection and humidification at medium ambient temperatures, and by convection only at low ambient temperatures.

An additional cooling effect can be achieved by humidification or sprinkling of the heat exchanger, which leads to evaporation of the water on the surface of the heat exchanger. Thus it is possible to cool the working fluid to below ambient temperatures, which is reflected in the investment costs.

Adiabatic Cooler TOPAZ


  • No water treatment required
  • No water spray in airflow
  • Elimination of legionella risk
  • Very low water consumption
  • Permanent magnet motors (efficiency better IE3)
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy maintenance due to vertical H shape of the tube coils : full access through the central door

The TOPAZ adiabatic cooler is a combination of dry cooler with an adiabatic precooling section: this precooling section lowers ambient air temperature by evaporating water which is passed over the cooling / humidifying pads, specially designed for this purpose. The fluid is cooled in the dry tube coil by ambient air flow. The ambient air is drawn through the coils by fans mounted centrally on the top of the Cooler; the humidifying pads located in front of the coils are dry.

The fan speed is controlled by an inverter depending on heat load to maintain the fluid outlet temperature. The warm air is then evacuated upwards. When cooling in dry mode is not effective and the ambient temperature reaches a predetermined set point, the pads are saturated with water from the sump. The ambient air is cooled by evaporation when passing through the pads. This precooled air then passes through the tube coils and cools the fluid. The water which has not been evaporated on the pads is collected in a stainless steel collector. The collected water is re-circulated in the process and distributed over the pads again. The water saving is then significant and does not require water treatment, it is without any bacteriological risk.

The TOPAZ range is robust due to its design and choice of materials, and specially developed for both urban and industrial environments.

Dry Coolers

In dry cooling, heat transfer is achieved by convection only The working medium to be cooled is passed through an air-water heat exchanger in a closed circuit, allowing the waste heat to be passed vapour-free into the surrounding air in form of sensible heat.

The cooling process does not result in any quantitative or qualitative changes of the working medium to be cooled.
High ambient temperatures lower the efficiency of convective heat transfer for physical reasons. Higher system temperatures must therefore be allowed for.

Dry coolers are larger, require more floor space and a greater air flow than evaporative coolers.

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