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January 24
18:18 2017

By:  Mujtaba Hassan, Chenab Engineering Works & foundries


There are a number of challenges facing the foundry industry in Pakistan today that will require facilities to adopt more efficient practices to remain competitive in the world market and ensure the sustainability of their operations. Increase in global demand and resource scarcity may result in unstable commodity prices. Ever increasing prices of energy, raw material and land makes it difficult to be a manufacturer, but fortunately, there are still endless opportunities to have a better profitability. This paper of fact sheets aims to assist Foundry operators in Pakistan with a positivity to identify and implement eco-efficient practices that will not just result in reducing cost of production as, but will also give a better understanding of utilisation of facilities through reorganising the management. This may not only help to reduce operating costs and improve profitability, but also assist to control measures to reduce rejection, wastage by increasing not just production but productivity, not just profits but sustainable profitability.

‘’ We expect all our business to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Sustainable profitability is very important for us or we wouldn’t be in this business’’ Jeff Bezos, CEO of

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