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May 02
14:37 2015


LP Tool & Automation ltd., offers a variety of specialised services to the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry. With personnel in design, mould making, moulding, and quality assurance. Our Company is dedicated to meeting the precision molded parts needs for the Construction – Automotive – Electronics – Electricity Supply – Lighting Domestic, Commercial – Kitchen ware – Domestic appliance. Approximately twenty five thousand square feet of state-of-the art manufacturing space are allocated to the moulding operation. All material handling and drying is done in confined areas separated from the controlled moulding environment to ensure cleanliness and enhance quality. LP Tool & Automation ltd., utilises precision moulding machines that have a barrel ounce capacity of 34 to 479 grams and a tonnage range of 55 to 237 tons. These machines allow for high precision production repeatability.

Each press cell is complemented with the necessary support equipment to ensure an efficient and quality oriented molding operation. Support equipment includes material driers, granulators, water temperature controllers/ thermolators, chillers, oil temperature controllers and robotic sprue pickers. All presses are outfitted with sight glass vacuum loaders and portable drying systems and separate vacuum loaders which are tied into a central solid state controlled vacuum system. LP Tool & Automation ltd also utilises a 5 ton overhead crane.

First Article inspection services and in-process dimensional inspections are completed using optical non-contact / Video Inspection Equipment, OGP Optical Comparitors and additional support equipment. Statistical process control activities are also completed on all production parts. All inspection is done by highly trained Plastics Engineers and quality assurance personnel.
• Mould sampling to verify function before shipment, mould debug, first article inspection:
• Low Volume/ Short production runs
• High volume production runs to suit all requirements:
• Capacity molding if machines are over scheduled.

High standard of quality in the Injection Moulding Industry throughout the United Kingdom & Europe, whilst developing standards in the areas of:

Customer Satisfaction, Cost, Employment, Ethical Conduct
A co-operative partnership among all members of LP Tool & Automation ltd. built upon a framework of mutual trust, respect, dignity and equal opportunity employment. Committed to selecting capable, team oriented people and providing them with challenging work in a safe, open, and participatory environment. Accepting input to find the best solutions to problems and methods of making improvements in the workplace. Information, resources and ideas, will be actively encouraged to make suggestions for improving our operations and overall quality of work life.

For more information please contact:
LP TOOL AND AUTOMATION LTD., Unit 1, Tarran Way Industrial Estate,
Tarran Way South Moreton, Wirral. CH46 4TP
Ph: +44(0)151 522 0535, China Mobile: +86-1358-603-5925,
Email: sales@, Website:


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