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July 19
16:44 2019



“The world is transitioning into Hydrogen economy around the globe right now, the technology has become matured, the developed countries have jumped on this track and started converting all infrastructure, technology and energy towards hydrogen and electricity (fuel cell). Hydrogen is no more future fuel, it is here now, the world is just busy in building hydrogen infrastructure for transport, shipping, trains, buses, airlines, army tanks, backups, electricity storage, salt caverns are being filled with hydrogen to make sure the national security and defense. The missiles and space shuttles are moving on fuel cells to cover more distance with 1/3rd of weight of the fuel as compared to traditional fuels. Airlines are wishing to get ride hydrogen yesterday to benefit because of weight to energy value. Tanks are being built on H2 to cover more distance with less weight. It has 1/3rd weight to that of petroleum and energy density double to that of petroleum. Hydrogen trains in Germany and UK are already running on tracks with no carbon or greenhouse gases, noiselessly and more safe with less capital investment. IPHE will be the future OPEC, G20 countries have already signed a consortium to hit Hydrogen on emergency basis. The world is just shifting away from the last 2 centuries traditional energy solutions and the technology.

We will have to do something, Pakistan will have to join the new race of the future “the transition of technology and energy” both on the same time. It is no more optional for a nation like Pakistan a nation of 220 million, a country challenged from East and West both, but filled with talented, sincere and brilliant people. We need to appreciate our people and institutions to be able to come on one agenda to participate to the future economies and technologies of the world when we are not inventing or innovating something to that scale by ourselves, we should at least do what the world is doing successfully since centuries. Pakistan had achieved Atomic Energy and solutions by the grace of Allah, and it can also win the next generation industrialization through Energy transition into Hydrogen and shift of technology. its industry and economy can stand up again, the people can be proud of Pakistan again and its achievements, but with a new vision and ‘will’ is need of the time.

Hydrogen can be produced through many ways, the electrolysis being an expensive route, bio-hydrogen through biomass and microalgae a cheap route suitable to Pakistan’s agrarian economy. We being an agricultural country must focus on Bio-Hydrogen, train our farmers to grow algae and benefit from sun to raise their living standards and make their agriculture once again profitable that can make ‘self-sufficient and self-sustainable petroleum’ enough to meet the needs of the nation in few years.

Creeco with its humble start committed to establish Hydrogen Economy in Pakistan and dedicated for the awareness of the Pakistani farmers / people to benefit from this transition. Creeco is completing studies and feasibilities for the production of Hydrogen, Microalgae, Ammonia, Green Crude solely from the sources available in Pakistan and ‘SURPLUS EXPORTS and NO TO DEFICITS’ moto.

Creeco has also actively participated towards establishment of legal systems in favor of Hydrogen and Algae, and had many meetings with the concerned to include Hydrogen based all energy systems into future Pakistan Energy Policies and Pakistan Science & Technology Policies. It has also had detailed work with universities to bring them on the table for the CREECO HYDROGEN CONSORTIUM which will benefit to all stakeholders in the long run. We hope to have our participation towards the industrial transition benefits and betterment of the economy along with the core business of the company (Hydrogen and Algae production). We believe Pakistan can come out of its current vicious circle of financial crisis through this transition with a very short period of time, if the actions are taken collectively. This is the only route which can make Pakistan self-sufficient and self-sustainable in energy hence it guarantees industrial success with national defense and does not depend on imports & dollars.”

Muhammad Siddique


Creeco Hydrogen Pakistan


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As you know, monthly “Engineering Horizons” is the first & Leading Technical Magazine of Pakistan covering Process, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Electrical & Electronics fields under a single cover. We also feel pleasure in saying that this is the only magazine of its own kind & style, which is widely circulated in all Engineering Sectors of Pakistan.