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REAP (Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan) 2017

REAP (Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan) 2017

May 08
13:43 2017

Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) is the very first registered, membership based, non political, non-profit, non sectarian & non-government association, in the field of Renewable Energy of Pakistan.

REAP mission is to reduce national dependence on conventional energy resources and to induce new resources while working with businesses community groups to implement environmental projects that benefit our community socially and economically.

In the Steering Committee meeting there were more than 42 C.E.Os, representatives and stakeholders including NGOs (working on environmental issues) from different parts of the country.

During the meeting of the Founder Members in early February 2010 the Elections of the 1st Executive Committee members was held in presence of Mr. Arif Alauddin the then CEO, AEDB, whereas the following main purposes of formation of the association were also highlighted.

  1. To Create awareness amongst community regarding RE Technology
  2. To promote the Renewable & Alternative Energy in Pakistan
  3. To establish a common podium for the stakeholders of this growing industry
  4. To address the issues of the RE Technology

Since then, during last six years REAP has organized 07 Major Trainings on Solar Water Heating and Off Grid Solar PV Panels, at Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi. Besides the Trainings, REAP has successfully organized 05 International Exhibitions and Conferences in Islamabad. These exhibitions provided awareness to public through demonstrations of a range of renewable energy & energy efficient products.

Initially, the business community, involved in Renewable energy was facing numerous issues and hurdles, particularly in import of the RE products, due to the custom duty and taxes policy. However, credit goes to REAP because of the pains taking efforts of REAP Executive Council the duty was brought from 35% to 0%. REAP played a vital role between the Government & private sector of renewable energy.

During the last 6 years REAP also made efforts and is still negotiating with Government for:

  1. Provision of reverse metering facility through single window operations with fixed processing time.
  1. Revision of Building Bylaws,
  2. Financing facility for manufacturers & consumers for Promotion of Solar, Wind, biogas, Bio Fuel, waste & Mini/Micro Hydro units for power generation.
  3. Promotion of solar Geysers.
  4. Promotion of Solar Water Pumps for domestic sector, agriculture & farm houses.
  5. Replacement of conventional lights with LEDs, LVDs & Energy Savers for indoor and outdoor utilizations, Conversion of outdoor lights ultimately to solar power.
  6. Revisions of Syllabus at professional technical institutions to include ARE Technologies & energy conservation techniques.
  7. Setting up of ARE institute for education, training & awareness.
  8. Setting of RE products & Technology display centers at public places in all major cities.

The association is managed by the following office bearers, while the Chairman, REAP advisory council is formed, headed by a professional and experienced chairman, who facilitates the management in day to day management and routine assignments, from time to time.

The association is managed by the following office bearers and Advisory Council to facilitate in day to day management and routine assignments, from time to time. The BOD & EC meetings are held on monthly basis, whereas important matters, related to members as well as day to day activities and issues are discussed and resolved.


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